Wrestling halfbeak (Dermogenys pusilla) x 6 Fish



The Gold Wrestling Halfbeak (Dermogenys pusilla) is very interesting,in its natural form, the Wrestling Halfbeak is green-gray in color, this fish is completely peaceful with other species.
It is a somewhat nervous fish and it can easily damage its long lower jaw by bumping into the aquarium glass when startled.  This can be prevented by positioning plant vegetation along the sides and back of the aquarium walls.  The Gold Wrestling Halfbeak is a proficient jumper, so a secure lid or at least plenty of surface vegetation is necessary in the aquarium.
Adult Size: 5 -7cm
Temperature: 75-79° F( 22- 28° C)
Purchasing size: 1.5 – 2cm
pH range: 6.5 – 8.0
Diet: Frozen foods, blood worms, gut-loaded fruit flies, or high-quality flake food.
Ease of keeping: Moderate


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2-3 cm