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Coconut Crab / Robber Crab (Birgus latro)

Coconut Crab / Robber Crab (Birgus latro)

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*NOTE: Coconut Crab might need to wait 1-3 month after ordering.

Mini size:8-13cm,Small size:15-20cm,Medium size:23-28cm

Coconut crabs can live up to 60 years. The growth of coconut crabs is very slow, and the individual will grow up every time after they molt.

It is usually happened in autumn and winter.

Juvenile crabs molt about 2 to 3 times every year. When coconut crab grows larger, the frequency of molts would be decreased.

The frequency of molting of adult crabs is only once a year.

ood: Coconut crab is an omnivorous animal, fish, shrimp, crab, vegetables and fruits

Temperature: 28-23 degrees

Humidity: 70-90

Lifespan: 40-60 years

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