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Red Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea zenkeri)

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  • The Red Tiger Lotus (Nypmhaea Zenkeri) is an African stagnant water plant that is easy to keep and is widely used in aquariums, features a striking red color and its interesting leaf shape makes for a great change in texture.
  • It can be surprising to some that the Zenkeri is actually a lily pad, as the red tiger has arrow-shaped leaves instead of round ones.
  • When under high lighting and CO2 the Red Tiger Lotus will grow more rapidly, but it is equally at home in environments with medium lighting intensity and no added CO2.
  • Blossoms are white.

 Quick Care FactsCare Level: Easy  Lighting: Medium to Very High  Water Conditions: 70-86° F, pH 5.5 - 7.8  Growth Rate: Average  True Aquatic: Yes  Placement In Tank: Background

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