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Rosy Bitterling (Rhodeus ocellatus) x Pair

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The rosy bitterling or Tairiku baratanago is a small freshwater fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae, native to East Asia from the Amur River basin to the Pearl River basin. Females are about 4–5 cm long and males are 5–8 cm. Their bodies are flat with an argent-colored luster.    It schools and behaves similarly to many peaceful barb species and is a wonderful species for the subtropical planted aquarium, or even for outdoor ponds in warmer areas of the US, where it is beneficial as a mosquito larvae eater and parasite-eating companion to koi. As they mature, males develop striking blue, orange, and pink coloration. This fish spawns in Taiwan mussels, where its fry develop and hatch and are then expelled by the mussel.  


Adult Size: 10cm
Temperature: 65-78° F (18 - 26)
Purchasing size: 3 - 4 cm
pH range: 7.0 - 8.0
Diet: Omnivore
Ease of keeping: Easy
More Information
More Information
Diet type Omnivore
Suitable environment Fish tank
Preferred level Middle - Level
Can be group keeping Yes
Body size Small ( 0~4 in )
Type of fish Freshwater fish

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