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Chilobrachys sp. Electric Blue

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Juvenile: 2-5cm  Sub-adult: 6-8cm

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  • Within the past couple of years, the Chilobrachys sp. Electric Blue has been one of the most-admired and sought-after tarantulas — for quite a good reason! While their overall genus is quite impressive, this tarantula takes its physical appearance to the next level.
  • The reason why this tarantula species has become so well-received within the past couple of years is its phenomenal appearance. This tarantula differs from other Chilobrachys with the brilliant blue coloring on its upper front legs and pedipalps. This coloring is visible when the tarantula is under the correct lighting, and it only gets better and more pronounced as it ages. Female tend to have better and brighter coloring than the males.
Adult Size: 5.11-5.9 inches (13-15 cm)
Care Level: Moderate
Temperature: 71.6 - 86°F (22 – 30°C)
Humidity: 60%-80%
Feeding: Carnivore  Insects
Life Span: Females 5-10years  Males 3-5years
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