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Drosera paradoxa

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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.

Drosera paradoxa is a perennial herb native to the Northern Territory and Western Australia. The lignified stems can grow up to 30cm high, the leaves are erect, and gradually become parallel with age, and the leaves are slender, about 2~3cm.

The insect-catching leaf is nearly round, only 2.5~3mm wide and 2~3mm long. The peduncle is 20-40cm long, with pink or white flowers, each inflorescence has 50-70 flowers, and the flowering period is the dry season from July to September. Drosera paradoxa grows on the sand and gravel on the bank of the river.

The gravel is covered with barren sandy soil. During the wet season from March to April, the river is flooded and the habitat is submerged by turbulent water; in the dry season, the plants can be seen along They grow on dry river banks, and occasionally they can be found in the crevices of sand and gravel. Peacock Drosera is distributed on the west and north shores of the Kimberley region, extending inland to Beverley Springs, Western Australia, to Arnhem Land in the east and Kakadu National Park in the north.

Sunlight Demand:

Partial Shade

Flower Color:



Green / Pink / Red

Soil Condition:


Water Requirement:


Purchase Size:

Diameter 0.7 - 1.5'' (2 - 4 cm)


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