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Laos Black&Red legs Centipede (Scolopendra subspinipes)

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Scolopendra subspinipes "Black & Red legs" is a species of very large centipede found throughout Yunnan of China. 
It is among the largest centipedes with a maximum length of 20 cm.

This centipede is an active, aggressive predator that preys on any animal it can overpower. Its body is black and the leg is red.

Juvenile: 3 - 5 cm, Sub-adult: 6 - 8 cm, Adult: 11 - 15 cm       

Adult Size: 4 - 6 cm (11 - 15 cm)
Care Level: Moderate
Temperature: 64 - 80℉ (17 – 26 ℃)
Humidity: 60 - 80%
Feeding: Cricket, Cockroach 
Life Span: 2 - 3 years





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