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How to take care of your plant after transit?

Plants are no different from human – we suffer from jetlag after long transit. Yet, some plants are more adapting while some are not. Here are the tips to rescue your jetlag green baby.

Alocasia / Aroids / Bonsai (Woody Plant) / Hoya / Ivy / Ferns / Peperomia / Philodendrom 

Conditions after transit: yellowish leaves; dehydrated; loss of leaves 

Cure: Trim the yellowish / rotten leaves; then soak the whole plant in water for 12 hours (6 hours for Perperomia) then put it in a pot filled with the well drained substrates (for Fern, PH value shall be in the range of 5.5 -6.0).  In 2 weeks' to 6 weeks' time, your plant will revive!

Special notes about Hoya - As an epiphytes, hoya does not have a strong root system; it will be easily damaged under scorching sun and cold weather.

Begonia / Ardisia / Heuchera / Sonerila / Labisia & Other Terrarium Plants

Conditions after tranit: Juiceless; mushy leaves; some loss of leaves 

Cure: Trim the rotten or mushy leaves; then soak the whole plant in water for 12 hours; then plant it in a pot filled with moisturisng substrate which is 100% saturated with water (for Heuchera, no particular preference for substrate as long as it's relatively acidic). Lastly, place your potted plant in an enclosed humid environment with indirect sunlight,  then leave it there 7-14 days. Make sure the substrate is always saturated with water. 2-4weeks later a healthy plant is waving hand at you!

Moss / Carnivorous 

Condition: Yellowish ; dehydrated 

Cure: Spary water then keep it in an enclosed humid environment; 1-2 days later keep under strong shade and water by distilled / mineral-free water.  For carnivorous plants, please keep it in peat moss or spragnum.


Condition: mushy or dehydrated leaves
Cure: Trim the mushy or dehydrated leaves, then put the succulent in pot filled with well-drained substrate.  Don't water it until the second day.  Let it bath under the Sun.  It takes 2-4 weeks to grow the root.

Condition: No leaves (especially during summer hibernation).  
Cure: Put it in a pot filled with well-drained substrate; avoid direct sunlight then leaves will grow when it's the right timing. 


Condition: Dehydrated leaves

Cure: Trim the dehydrated leaves; then soak the whole plant in water for 12 hours; then plant it in a pot filled with sphagnum or peat moss.


Condition: Dehydrated leaves

Cure: Plant it in well drained substrate then water it.  Leaves will then revive!