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Acrylic Ant Tube Nests “DNA” (Audiophile Series)

Acrylic Ant Tube Nests “DNA” (Audiophile Series)

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1. Size: Nest: 32 * 19 * 15cm; Active area size 14 * 18 * 14cm

2. Details: The cover plate of the active area uses a magnet adsorption type, a total of 10 glass test tubes, the test tube area can be bent into different shapes.

3. Capacity: Camponotus singularis can install about 1,000 workers, and Harpegnathos venator can install about 800 workers.

4. Installation: The ant nest is installed when sending, but you need to tear the sticker on the acrylic board yourself.

5. Note: It is not suitable for feeding small ants.

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