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Albuc bruce-bayeri

Albuc bruce-bayeri

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Albuca bruce-bayeri is a beautiful small bulb that grows in winter. The leaves spiral upwards like a corkscrew, which distinguishes it from some other spiral-leaved Albuca (e.g. Albuca viscosa and Albuca namaquensis) which form a lateral spiral. The plants have flowers that are similar to the last two, but the flowers appear in fall at the beginning of the growth phase unlike the other two that bloom in the spring.

Albuc bruce-bayeri likes light, so it is necessary to maintain sufficient light during the growth period. If spring grass does not have enough light, the leaves will be weak and the degree of curling is poor, and it is difficult to highlight the unique charm of wire spring grass.

If Albuc bruce-bayeri is grown in full sun, then the spring grass plant will have low, stout, swirling and twisted leaves that are highly ornamental.

Note: It will be dormant in summer, and only bulbous roots will develop when it enters the dormant period. After receiving it, plant it normally and it will grow back in the fall.


Caudex Size (calibre of caudex): Small:0.5-0.8cm;Medium:1-1.5cm;Large:1.8-2.3cm
Sunlight: Bright Diffused Light
Watering: Water after drying out
Soil: Not too rich but mainly well drained. You can use a mix of pumice with your habitual potting soil


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