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Alocasia Jacklyn(Alocasia sulawesi Sp.)

Alocasia Jacklyn(Alocasia sulawesi Sp.)

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Alocasia Jacklyn is a large ornamental plant that originated in Southeast Asia, more specifically Indonesia.

Alocasia Jacklyn is a variant of Alocasia Portei, native to Sulawesi (Indonesia), which grows in mountain forests. Its correct scientific name is Alocasia Sulawesi Sp. Because "Jacklyn" isn't just its common name. Alocasia Jacklyn has stunning vibrant green foliage contrasting with the dark deep veins and striped stems that run through it.

Tips: This product contains 1 white plastic basin.

Nursing Requirements :

Light: Scattered light, avoid sun exposure

Watering: keep moist

Medium: peat soil

Size: Height 8-12cm

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