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Ant colony odontomachus monticola

Ant colony odontomachus monticola

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This a large common Odontomachus in Southeast asia. When they want to escape they often use their mandibles to jump backwards. Theyare very active and agressive against any threat.

 These are slender ants which are dark brown - black in color and about 8-9 mm in length.

 Subfamily: Ponerinae Tribe: Ponerini

This type of ant is often seen moving alone and foraging outside. But when faced with a threat, it will open its big clip and raise its head to demonstrate. When danger approaches, it will not hesitate to launch an attack.

The breast of the queen ant is slightly larger than that of the worker ant.

Temperature: 68 - 86℉ (20 - 30℃)
Humidity: 40 - 60%
Feeding: Small Insect, Fruit
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