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Ant colony pseudoneoponera rufipes

Ant colony pseudoneoponera rufipes

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These are large strong stocky ants about 12-14 mm in size. In young colonies the queens are difficult to differentiate from the workers, but in more mature colonies where they are well fed they will have an enlarged abdomen with a distinct broad red tip - as shown in the third photograph.
 They usually form small colonies of between 50-100 individuals and their nests are quite basic consisting of a few chambers just below the surface of the ground.
They have an unusual defense mechanism and when threatened will eject a long white thread of sticky web like substance. This acts as a chemical deterrent and also entangles and sticks to whatever is threatening them.
These small pachycondyla are very active and show high activity . They are not able to walk on smooth surfaces.
Subfamily: Ponerinae Tribe: Ponerini

Temperature: 77- 95℉ (25 - 35)
Humidity: 40 - 60%
Feeding: Small Insect 
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