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Antlion (Myrmeleon sp.)

Antlion (Myrmeleon sp.)

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-Antlion (Myrmeleon sp.) feeds on other insects, and their larvae live below dry surfaces, resembling the heads of sand monks, creating funnel shaped traps in sandy soil. Live in a sandy area, build a funnel shaped pit (2.5-5 cm deep and 2.5-7.5 cm wide at the mouth), use the abdomen as a plow, use the head to bear the loose particles, and throw them out of the pit. Then he buried himself at the bottom of the pit, with only his upper palate exposed to prey on insects that slid into the pit.

-The adult Antlion (Myrmeleon sp.) is called the "Myrmeleon micans", with a dark gray or dark brown body and transparent wings densely covered with a network of wing veins.

Size: 0.08 - 0.2'' (2 - 5 mm)

Breeding environment:

Dry sand
Humidity: 20 - 30%
Feeding: Ant or other small insect
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