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Aquarium custom

Aquarium custom

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Aquarium Custom

 We can custom build tanks, including lighting, listing system, filtration system and plants. Configuration:  Lamp, Spray, Water Pump Aquatic plants:  bromelioideae , bird nest fern, Boston fern, Apollo fern, Coccinelli curly, pocket coconut, reticulate grass, moss, green ball Water grass:  Mini pepper, green algae ball, small water banyan, rain-cracked water Cocktail Foam gum, glass gum, pigments, coconut earth, moss, Blue Dragon stone, volcanic stone, cobblestone, degreased cotton, makeup sand Now, let us discuss how Living Color Aquariums may make your custom aquarium! Living Color Aquariums specializes in building custom aquariums to meet the customer’s desires and needs. In addition to building the aquarium to any size and shape, they will also custom design the LSS; inserts; install the proper lighting; heater/chiller if needed; and automatic top-off system. The Living Color Aquariums trained professionals will even install the aquarium and depending on your location, perform routine maintenance on your gorgeous new aquarium

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