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Aquarium Fish Tank Plastic One Way Non-return Air Pump Check Valve

Aquarium Fish Tank Plastic One Way Non-return Air Pump Check Valve

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1. Efficient, effective protection for your pump.

2. Great one way check valve for aquarium air pump.

3. Non Return anti siphon valves to protect your electrical equipment. (air pumps etc)

4. Compatible with standard aquarium air pipe of 4mm inner diameter.

5. Small and compact,easy to install.

How do you install a check valve?

Simply choose a location on your air pipe where you want to insert a check valve.

Then, using a pair of sharp scissors, cut through the air pipe.

Now all that’s left to do is to insert both pieces of pipe into either end of the check valve, and you are good to go.

While the entire process is easy, there is one mistake many beginners make – installing the check valve with the wrong way up.

The check valve only allows the air to flow through in one direction.

If you installed the check valve upside down, no air is going to flow through the valve.

So if you find that your check valve isn’t working, simply remove the pipes and flip the check valve around – no harm done.

You can test the direction of the check valve by blowing into it with your mouth. You will only be able to blow into one end. Whatever end you can blow through, that’s the end that goes on the air pump side of your airline.

Once you finish, draw an arrow on the check valve to indicate the way the air flows. This way, if you ever need to remove the check valve in the future, you will know the correct direction when you put it back on.

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