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Bamboo Bonsai (Bambusoideae sp)

Bamboo Bonsai (Bambusoideae sp)

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A free bonsai pot is included with this plant. If you received a borken one, we will not issue any refunds. 

When the leaf of Bamboo Bonsai is found to be bent, you can add water in time.  It is normal for the leaves to turn yellow , please remove in time and get more sunshine.        

Bamboo Bonsai needs rich, moist to wet soil. It is suitable to thrives between 18 ~ 86 ° F / – 8 ~ 30 ° C.  

Daily Care of Bamboo Bonsai:

Sunlight Demand:

Partial Shade

Flower Color:



Green Leaves

Soil Condition:

Sandy Loam

Water Requirement:


Purchase Size:


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