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Begonia 'Break Dance'

Begonia 'Break Dance'

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Full to partial shade. Avoid direct sunlight. Begonia 'Break Dance' needs some light to keep their coloring, but bright, indirect light is best. Rex begonias prefer light, rich soil. When planting directly in the ground, a moist, well-drained location is optimal, and mulch will keep the roots shaded. In pots, be sure to provide drainage holes. A peat-based potting mix is ideal for containers. Begonia rex should be watered when the soil or pot feels dry, but dont wait until Begonia 'Break Dance' starts to wilt. You can cut back on water during their dormant period in the winter, watering only when the pot dries out. Humidity is crucial to keeping your rex begonia happy, however, spraying the leaves can lead to spotting. It’s better to cluster your plants, so they can create their own humid environment, or use a pebble tray.

Daily Care of Begonia 'Break Dance'

Sunlight Demand:

Partial Shade

Flower Color:




Soil Condition:

Peat Moss, Spagmoss

Water Requirement:


Purchase Size:

Diameter 3.9 - 5.9'' (10 - 15cm)

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