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Begonia Cavaleriei

Begonia Cavaleriei

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Begonia Cavaleriei is a unique plant in China. Rhizome elongated, prostrate, leaf shield-shaped, basal, leaf thick papery, slightly unequal on both sides, nearly round in outline. It is distributed in Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, and other places in China.

Begonia Cavaleriei is often born on the rocks in the shade of the ravine, under the dense forest in the foot of the mountain, and under the dense forest in the valley. The flower is shaped and the leaves are soft. Potted begonias are often used to decorate living rooms, shop windows or decorate home windowsills, balconies, coffee tables and other places.

Daily Care of Begonia Cavaleriei :

Sunlight Demand:

Partial Shade

Flower Color:



Green Leaves White Spots

Soil Condition:

Peat Moss

Water Requirement:


Purchase Size:

3 - 5'' (8 - 12cm)

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