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Blue papua Mantis (Hierodula sp. papua)

Blue papua Mantis (Hierodula sp. papua)

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- Blue papua Mantis (Hierodula sp. papua), or more scientifically Hierodula species Blue Papua, is one of the largest mantis pets. Its large size and the relative easiness of keeping this species contribute to its popularity. Sometimes this species is incorrectly referred to as Hierodula grandis. It will not surprise you that the Giant Papuan Mantis has its natural habitat in Asia.

The color of the Blue papua Mantis (Hierodula sp. papua) is usually green/blue, but also variations from medium green to deep blue. The beige individuals can even seem a bit pinkish. The difference in color is mainly due to the environment in which the animal is kept. They can develop a different color in a matter of days, but it is not yet understood which conditions will trigger a change in color.

- Blue papua Mantis (Hierodula sp. papua) is one of the largest mantis species that is successfully kept in captivity. Adult females are about 4.5 inches long (9-12cm), the males are with their 3 inches (8-9 cm) a bit smaller. The males are also much thinner and lighter than the females. The wings of a male extend to just past the abdomen. The adult females are bigger and bulkier than the males, with wings that extend just to the abdomen. these can be larger than H venosa!

- Blue papua Mantis (Hierodula sp. papua) is a fierce kind of praying mantis. This species will actively hunt its prey once it spots it. They are not the general sit-and-wait kind of predator. A large prey insect does not scare a Blue papua Mantis (Hierodula sp. papua), it will attack anything half its own body size or smaller. It won’t attack you and can be handled easily. It will not be stressed out from having its enclosure close to people or pets.

- Adult Blue papua Mantis (Hierodula sp. papua) are no fussy eaters, they eat almost anything. When adults they can easily grab adult crickets, adult locusts, and big cockroaches. Blue papua Mantis (Hierodula sp. papua) newborn L1 nymphs eat all species of fruit fly, and when older will eat small crickets, flies, and young grasshoppers. They will hunt for their food and are not easily intimidated by their prey.

Adult size: 3.6-4.8"(9-12cm)
Temperature: 68-79°F (20-26°C)
Humidity: 40-65%
Feeding: L1: all species of fruit fly; L2-Audlt:small crickets, flies, and young grasshoppers
Character: Not recommended to house multiple individuals together. Sooner or later there will only be one left in the group enclosure. Young nymphs are not as cannibalistic as older nymphs and adults. Nymphs can be kept together in one enclosure until about L4 when fed excessively and housed spacious.
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