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Blue Tailed Fire Belly Newt (Cynops cyanurus)

Blue Tailed Fire Belly Newt (Cynops cyanurus)

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-Blue Tailed Fire Belly Newt is a relatively small salamander that typically has an adult size of only 8-10 centimeters.

-The body color of Blue Tailed Fire Belly Newt varies greatly, ranging from dark brown to golden yellow. There is usually a blurry orange line along the spine of the vertebrae. The abdominal color ranges from yellow to orange, usually with black spots.

-Blue Tailed Fire Belly Newt often feed on silkworms, mollusks, insect larvae, and more underwater. They also feed on tadpoles, small fish, water fleas, etc.


Adult Size: 3.2-4'' (8-10 cm)
Care Level: Medium
Temperature: 50-77°F (10-25°C)
Feeding: Insects or Worms
Dimension: 2-2.4" (5-6cm)
Average life span: 10-15
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