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Cacifeno full spectrum LED light (RGB 3 in 1)

Cacifeno full spectrum LED light (RGB 3 in 1)

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Model: CA - A3C

Size: 230x140x210mm

Colour: Polished Silver, Black


What is our advantages?

- A true full spectrum aquarium lights with RGB LED and color temperature 3000K-13000K, providing the necessary light and color for plants grow healthy.

- RGB is the basic color and it can synthesize many colors. The brightness and the color can be adjusted. Even if the color is the same, you can also adjust the shade of color.

- Each color can be controlled individually to create an ideal spectrum which enables to create colorful and lifelike aquascapes.

- Cover a wide range of spectrum that are neccessary for plants to grow, bloom and express a rich color.

- Controlled by MCU AI microcomputer with LED chips instead of LED light blub, so the color expression is more rich.


Aquarium LED Light


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Effect on Plant Growth

Cover the color specterum for plant growth and development

White light will only cause the plants to grow long

Heat energy

Will not overheat beacause the energy is transferred to light energy

May overheat the aquarrim, if the temperature is too high, the plants may die

Color Temperature

RGB  3 in 1


LED Color


Touch control with five colour: light pinkpink, white with light blue, white with a light green



RA(Color render index)*



Volatge Input

Wide volatge range: 85-240V

Univoltage: 110V/220V

Control Mode

MCU AI microcomputer control

Resistance Control

*RA is a measure of how well a light source appears to an object's color, the higher the RA, the higher the luminous efficiency.


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