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Cherry crab (Parapyxidognathus deianira)

Cherry crab (Parapyxidognathus deianira)

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Mini cherry crabs can be raised in deep water and fresh water, and the pro-test results are good. Tropical crabs are not resistant to extreme cold temperatures, omnivorous, and feed. They will eat red worms and brine shrimp, and they will eat dead fish and dead shrimp. But not chasing and catching live fish and shrimp.

The body of the nail is 1.2 cm wide, nearly square, the nail surface is smooth and slightly protruding, the forehead edge is very flat, and there are three teeth including the outer teeth of the eye socket. The whole is dark brown with pale spots, and the chelicera is purple and lighter in color. There are hairs on the feet.

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