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Chinese Water Skink (Tropidophorus sinicus)

Chinese Water Skink (Tropidophorus sinicus)

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Chinese water skink (Tropidophorus sinicus) lives under rocks beside streams from southern part of China. Their adult body size  is about 10-15cm, 3-4 years life span. Water skinks are suitable for paludarium or vivarium. They are not a good escaper even in open paludarium. You can feed them live crickets, worms and cockroaches. They also hunt shrimps in water. They can breed in paludarium.

-Tropidophorus sinicus is generally distributed in Vietnam and China.It generally inhabits shallow waters near mountain streams, under gravel, and in weeds. The altitude range for its survival is 450 to 1350 meters.

-Tropidophorus sinicusis an amphibian animal.It can be mixed with other animals such as devil crabs in water and land tanks.



Refund: Full refund for animal die when arrival or custom stops the parcel. Photo of the dead animal is required for refund.

Adult Size: 6 - 7.2'' (15 - 18 cm)
Temperature: 50 - 95℉ (10 - 35℃)
Humidity: 60 - 80%
Feeding: Insects
Size: 4-6'' (10 -15cm)
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