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Wide-armed Mantis (Cilnia humeralis)

Wide-armed Mantis (Cilnia humeralis)

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-Wide-armed Mantis (Cilnia humeralis) are a medium mantis from Africa, they are a good step up from a starter species.Their incubation time (28-30 ℃) is about 35 days. Brave and aggressive in nature, active in predation, with an adult body length of about 5cm.

-The biggest characteristic of Wide-armed Mantis (Cilnia humeralis) is its ferocity. A young seedling is very aggressive

Adult size: 2-2.4"(5-6cm)
Feeding Temperature: 74-83°F (23-28°C)
Humidity: 50-60%
Feeding: L1-3 – Drosophila melanogaster; L3-5 – Greenbottle fly ( pinkies ); L5-Adult: Waxworms, locusta, red runner cockroach, crickets ( medium size )
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