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Cubaris murina 'White Glacier'

Cubaris murina 'White Glacier'

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"Glacier" is the white out expression in C. murina. These little guys are white all over- their legs, antennae, body, and even eyes!

The original member of cubaris, these were first collected in Florida. Litters of murina may be as small as 2 babies. These isopods are quite small and endearing, and also roll up into a ball.

Murina do well in a range of environments, including tropical, temperate, and semi-arid. They enjoy eating soft bodied plants but are a docile roommate to sensitive reptiles and amphibians.

Native to North America, this species is very protein-dependent, making it an excellent cleaner of rainforest tanks.

Adult Size: 0.4 inches (1.2 cm)
Temperature: 50 - 86℉ (10 - 30℃)
Humidity: 60 - 80%
Food: Dead leaves, carrots, cuttlefish bones, protein-rich foods

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