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Cyphostemma uter var. macropus

Cyphostemma uter var. macropus

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-Cyphostemma uter var. macropus is the rarest of the caudiciforms - a holy grail. Extremely slow growing. Beautiful foliage, with magenta margins, fine hairs, thick succulence and crinkly shape. Big, fat round plants with peeling bark. Shipped in pot with high quality substrate. Not a beginner plant but truly extraordinary.

* Note: Root removal shipment.

-Daily care of Cyphostemma uter var. macropus:

Sunlight Demand: Full sun to partial shade
Soil Condition: Soil mix perlite
Water Requirement: Allow getting dry between watering
Caudex Diameter: SMALL: 4-4.8 "(10-12 cm) ; LARGE: 5.6-7.2" (14-18cm)
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