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Drosera Madagascariensis

Drosera Madagascariensis

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Drosera Madagascariensis is a robust stem-forming species with a clearly visible stem, which stands upright in the case of younger plants and either uses its leaves to anchor itself to surrounding vegetation as it matures or bends over and forms a scrambling stem.

Drosera Madagascariensis is native to the tropical Africa (Guinea, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Angola, Zambesi, Tang Anyika) as far south as South Africa and east to the island of Madagascar. It is found in swamps and sphagnum bogs.

Daily Care of Drosera Madagascariensis

Sunlight Demand:

Partial Shade

Flower Color:



Green / Pink

Soil Condition:


Water Requirement:


Purchase Size:

Diameter 0.5 -1'' (1-2cm)


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