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Dubia Cockroach

Dubia Cockroach

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- The protein content of Dubia Cockroach is higher than that of crickets.

- The method of raising Durbia cockroach is similar to that of raising crickets. It requires a certain amount of feeding space. You can use the paper covering of eggs. They are usually inactive and can't run fast. Males have wings, and a small part of them can fly in small distance, especially at night. Adult males in the breeding box should pay attention to flight prevention. The biggest advantage is that unlike ordinary cockroaches, they can climb any material with smooth surface, so they are not afraid of escaping. The male adult has complete wings, while the female has only degenerated wings, so it is very easy to distinguish between male and female.

- Durbia cockroach can be directly used as living animal protein feed for raising lizards, palace guards, crabs, frogs, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, ants, ornamental fish, ornamental birds and other pets.

Note: Warm tip: Durbia cockroach has the ability to climb, so pay attention to avoid escaping when feeding.

Daily care of Durbia cockroach:

Sunlight Demand: Shady & Cool
Humidity Condition: Ventilated Place
Food : Apple / Vegetable
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