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Dwarf Hygrophila (Hygrophila polysperma)

Dwarf Hygrophila (Hygrophila polysperma)

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Hygrophila polysperma, commonly known as dwarf hygrophila, dwarf hygro, Miramar weed, Indian swampweed or Indian waterweed, is one of the hardiest aquarium plants in the family Acanthaceae. It is native to Bangladesh, India, China and Malaysia.    Stems becomes 25-40 cm and 4-8 cm wide. It is particularly good for beginners because it grows in almost all conditions. It normally grows so fast that it is important to prevent it crowding out other plants. The shoots must be pinched out regularly. Leaves lying on the surface form small new plants. Hygrophila polysperma varies considerably in leaf shape and colour, depending to some extent on the light supplied.    Dwarf hygrophila is compatible with most small fish and snails, and is generally ignored by even small herbivore fish. It does best in community tanks, and tanks with either digging cichlids, or hungry goldfish should be avoided.    It cannot be stressed enough not to include this plant with goldfish, since a large goldfish can eat this plant down to just small nubs in a matter of hours. Even if a goldfish t doesn’t develop a taste for these plants, they will still regularly pull it out of the substrate – which will do significant damage to the plant.  

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