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Dwarf White isopod (Trichorhina tomentosa)

Dwarf White isopod (Trichorhina tomentosa)

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- Dwarf White isopods are very excellent cleaner.

- Dwarf White isopod have become an indispensable part of terrarium keeping. The little helpers have quite rightly earned a firm place for themselves as ground police. But they have also become very popular as food animals. Unlike other isopod species, they have a relatively soft chitinous carapace and are a welcome change for many amphibians and reptiles.

- Dwarf White isopod are extremely small, soft-bodied Isopods that burrow and are white in color. They establish quickly in a vivarium, and will act as janitors to keep the vivarium clean, as well as a snack that provides a natural calcium boost. They are native to Costa Rica. Our isopods are fed Iso-licious Isopod Food 1-2x a week, including wet mixes, supplemented with potatoes, squash, carrots, our leaf powder, and really enjoy banana peels as their number one source of food. These isopods enjoy warm temperatures and a damp environment. We use a deep, natural substrate with them and leaf litter.

Adult size: 0.16-0.2'' (4-5 mm)
Temperature: 64.4-77°F (18-25°C)
Humidity: 70-80%
Feeding: Omnivorous
Body length: Sub-adult: 0.08-0.12"(2-3mm)
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