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Echeveria 'Snow Angel'

Echeveria 'Snow Angel'

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     The fleshy leaves of the snow angel are round and fat, covered with white frost. The outer leaves are usually pale pink and light cyan. In poor light, the leaf color will turn green. The tip of the leaf is prone to redness. The larger the temperature difference, the brighter the color of the center of the succulent in good condition, which is called "sugar heart". The color of the center will darken or lighten with the seasons.
     The temperature difference becomes larger, and the "sugar heart" will become more and more obvious. In summer, growth basically stops, and the "sugar heart" will disappear. Watch out for excessive rainfall in summer. Echeveria 'Snow Angel' needs to have a temperature difference to grow a good state. If the temperature difference in the curing area is small, the time of sunshine can be increased in winter. Water is sprayed on the leaves in the early morning to artificially control the ambient temperature of succulents.

Sunlight Demand:

Lots of sunlight
Plant color: Pink and cyan
Water Requirement: A small amount
Plant size: 1.5"-1.9"(4-5cm)


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