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Emerald Roach (Pseudoglomeris magnifica)

Emerald Roach (Pseudoglomeris magnifica)

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⚠️ Please read before you buy!  Buy ONE, get ONE roach only. The roach costs $73.90 USD Each. 

-Pseudoglomeris magnifica is a diurnal cockroach species that can be observed all day in search of something to eat. It is not in a hurry at all, but moves very carelessly until it usually arrives at the highest point in the terrarium. On its way, it likes to nibble on everything it can taste. Especially lichens, pollen and fruits are her favourite food. Afterwards she cleans herself extensively, completely unprotected in the enclosure, before she starts her walk. As the reproduction rate is very low for a cockroach species, with a maximum of 12 nymphs per litter and a gravidity (pregnancy) of up to 6 months, one could conclude that it imitates an inedible rosebug species with its appearance.

-Pseudoglomeris magnifica is a highly sought-after species of cockroach that is infamous for its intense, metallic green colouring. This species prefers arboreal set-ups, so enclosures that are taller-than-wide should be provided with climbing material such as branches, pieces of rotting wood and cork bark. Good ventilation is a must for this species.

Sale size: about 0.8"(about 2 cm)
Temperature: 73- 83℉(23 - 28℃)
Humidity: 40 - 50%
Feeding: Fruit, Honey
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