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Desert Mantis (Eremiaphila sp.)

Desert Mantis (Eremiaphila sp.)

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Desert Mantis (Eremiaphila sp.) requires hot dry environment. The desert mantis is able to camouflage so well into its habitat. They live molt and lay ooths in the sand. They thrive in the most unforgivable environment in the desert where temperatures reach well over 100F and extremely dry.

Unlike ordinary tree dwelling mantis that require hanging upside down to shed their skin, Desert Mantis (Eremiaphila sp.) have fully adapted to standing on flat ground for a long time. This peeling method also reduces the possibility of sticking due to external interference to a certain extent.

Desert Mantis (Eremiaphila sp.) is a species of praying mantis that is native to parts of North Africa and the Middle East, including Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. It is a medium-sized mantis, typically growing to between 5 and 7 cm in length, with a slender body and long, spiny legs.

Adult size: 0.8-1"(2-2.5cm)
Temperature: 104-113°F (40-45°C)
Humidity: 20-40%
Feeding: Drosophilas, Insects
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