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False Shamrock ( Oxalis triangularis )

False Shamrock ( Oxalis triangularis )

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Oxalis triangularis, commonly called false shamrock, is a species of edible perennial plant in the oxalidaceae family.

An interesting feature is that the leaves close like an umbrella at night or when disturbed. the white or pale pink five-petalled flowers also close at night.

The leaf is formed of three sessile leaflets (or very short petiole), obtriangular to obovate-triangular, glabrous, arranged in the same plane perpendicular to the petiole.

Flowering: Lot's of small trumpet shaped blooms sitting above the leaves appear during spring and summer, which you can expect to last a fair few weeks.   

Sunlight Demand: Full Sun or Partial Shade
Flower Color: Pink, White
Soil Condition: Sandy Loam
Water Requirement: High
Purchase Size: 6 - 8'' (15 - 20 cm)


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