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Fay's Rachel

Fay's Rachel

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-The native species of Fay's Rachel are found in the coastal areas of East Africa, mainly in Tanzania and Kenya, and most of them grow on the mountain stream walls of limestone or gneiss with an altitude of about 600-1000 meters.

-Fay's Rachel is afraid of the cold and heat, prefers high humidity environments, and does not require strong lighting. It can bloom fully with just 8 hours of a desk lamp.

-*NOTE: Be careful when it's cold in winter, they won't grow at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius.

-Due to genetic instability, new varieties with mutations may appear during the planting process, bringing unexpected surprises and rewards.


Sunlight Demand: Diffused Light
Soil Condition: Soil mix perlite
Humidity Requirement: High
Crown Diameter: 2.4-3.6 "(6-9 cm)
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