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Fish Tank Cave Aquarium Shelter Ceramic Shrimp Decoration

Fish Tank Cave Aquarium Shelter Ceramic Shrimp Decoration

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1.Non-toxic, do not affect the quqlity of water, Create a natural and green living environment for fish and shrimp.

2.Provides shelter, hiding spots, entertainment venues for fish and shrimp.

3.Offer the natural environment feeling and It is vividly and color detailed to add lively life to your tank.

4.Use the simple method decorate and maintenance your aquarium, change your aquarium into a beautiful scenery.

Measures approximately:

Type 1: Length: 12 cm, Height: 4.5 cm, Top Diameter: 3 cm, Front Hole (Length: 5.5 cm  Height: 3.5 cm)

Type 2: Length: 11.5 cm, Height: 6 cm, Top Diameter: 3 cm, Front Hole (Length: 4.5 cm Height: 4 cm)

Type 3: Length: 10 cm, Height: 7.5 cm, Top Diameter: 3cm, Front Hole (Length: 5cm   Height: 4.5cm)


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