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Fountain Cryptocoryne ( Cryptocoryne retrospiralis )

Fountain Cryptocoryne ( Cryptocoryne retrospiralis )

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Cryptocoryne retrospiralis is a beautiful mid- or background plant that has been a popular choice among aquarium lovers for hundreds of years. It is one of the earliest cultivated aquarium plants out there. C. retrospiralis has maintained such popularity because it is relatively easy to grow, and the loose corkscrew shape of its long, reed-like leaves with a hammered texture make an intriguing backdrop or accent plant. This plant is dark or bright green and can attain a bronzy hue depending on conditions. High light will bring out more color in the plants. In the wild, they are often found growing emersed and can produce pink and purple flowers above the water. They will also grow well submerged. C. retrospiralis can be planted into the substrate or attached to a rock or piece of driftwood with a cotton thread or fishing wire.    

As with all crypt plants, C. retrospiralis is sensitive to changes in water parameters and won’t like to be moved. It is normal for the plant to undergo “crypt melt” when introduced to a new tank, or if water conditions change too much. The leaves of the plant begin to rot and essentially melt away. If this process begins, you can cut away any rot and attempt to stabilize the water. They should produce new growth once they have acclimated. These plants will also melt if the lighting is too strong.  

Type: Stem
Growth Rate: Medium
Light Demend: Moderate
CO2: No
Temperature: 71.6 - 83°F(22 - 28°C )
pH Range: 6.0 - 8.0
Location: Midground - Background
Propagation: Runners
Purchase Size: 3 Stem
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