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Blue Jade Crab (Geothelphusa sp var. Blue)

Blue Jade Crab (Geothelphusa sp var. Blue)

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Blue Jade Crabs live in freshwater streams of mountains. They breed in freshwater environment too. The adult body size excluding legs is around 2-2.5cm.

Blue Jade crabs are slightly bigger than vampire crabs. They stays in water mostly. They can be kept in 100% underwater as long as there is water flow to provide oxygen. Of course, same as most crabs, it is alway better if you can provide them a small land area to climb.

Temperature: 5 - 30°C

Blue Jade Crabs are gentle compare to other crab species. They can be kept in pairs or in a group with low density. They are omnivorous. You can feed them with fish food, dried fish, shrimps, turtle food and vegetables

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