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Gethyllis setosa

Gethyllis setosa

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Gethyllis is native to winter rainfall areas in places such as South Africa and Namibia. They grow in seasonally moist habitats on sunny sandy or stony plains.Gethyllis setosa is a winter plant that grows in winter, dormant in summer, leaves fall during dormancy, bloom when the leaves wither, and then bear fruit in autumn. Because the growth of leaves and the opening of flowers require a lot of water, and they are in arid areas, there are no leaves when flowering.

Note: Due to seasonal reasons, there may be no leaves when shipping.

Sunlight Demand:

Full sun during the growth period, Reduced sunlight during dormancy
water source: Less water in summer, more water in winter growing season
Purchase Size:

Bulb size 0.8~1cm



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