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Hemigraphis Traian ( Hyptis lorentziana )

Hemigraphis Traian ( Hyptis lorentziana )

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A True Aquatic plant, it can live underwater and will eventually change its form and color, also, keep in mind, that the plant’s growth will depend on its environment and the stems/cuttings will shoot new roots within a few days underwater. Ideal for background/mid-ground placement in your aquascape, the top leave turns red color unique and rare plant, warm color effect and pretty when planted in group or individual. Great addition for your plant collections. Nutrients, Substrate, CO2, Adequate Lighting, Iron, Water PH, Temperature and so on, are essentials for planted aquarium. With the right environment plants will thrive.  

Type: Stem
Growth Rate: Fast
Light Demand: High
CO2: Low
Temperature: 78 - 82.4°F (26 - 28°C)
pH Range: 6.5 - 6.8
Location: Midground - Background
Propagation: Cuttings
Purchase Size: 1 Stem 
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