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Stasimopus robertsi (Latouchia rufa)

Stasimopus robertsi (Latouchia rufa)

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This is a kind of spider with a very special habit. They can build their nests in the ground up to one meter deep, and build a movable door cover with soil and silk threads at the entrance of the hole. Panmen spiders wait for the rabbits under the door cover of the hole. As long as the prey passes by and touches the sensor thread, it will rush out of the hole and drag the prey into the nest with great precision. After eating, it will throw the wreckage around the nest. This kind of spider has a very fierce temperament. It will assume an attacking posture whenever there is a disturbance. If it encounters a threat, it will launch an attack without hesitation.

Adult size: about 5-7cm
Temperature: 25-30°C
Humidity: 70 - 80%
Food: mealworms, needle crickets, fruit flies and other insects

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