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Fat Tiger Jumping Spider ( Rhene flavigera )

Fat Tiger Jumping Spider ( Rhene flavigera )

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Jumping Spider ( Rhene danieli ) prey action is as steady as its body. They usually don't walk fast, only need to approach at a slightly slower speed than usual after finding their prey. The chelicerae and the stout first foot immediately suppress the prey, the whole process is smooth, the preparation time is very short before the attack, and the change in the posture of preparing to pounce is not as obvious as that of the usual jumping spider.

Adult size: about 0.7cm
Temperature: 22 – 29°C
Humidity: 70 - 85%
Food: mealworms, needle crickets, fruit flies and other insects


Male: 0.4-0.6cm

Female: 0.4-0.6cm

Random Sex: 0.2-0.3cm

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