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Ledebouria crispa

Ledebouria crispa

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This plant will be in hibernation mode during summer.  During winter (October to December), you will be receiving a caudex with no leave and you need to wait till spring for new growth of leaves.


- Ledebouria crispa is native to the northernmost province of South Africa; Limpopo Province, which borders Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It is native to open and dry grasslands, especially exposed rock outcrops.

- The leaf margin of Ledebouria crispa is narrow, "crisp" or extremely wavy. The bulb is naturally lower than the grade, but it is strongly recommended to raise it above the ground when changing pots to avoid rotting in the dormant season.

- Don't water your plant frequently in hibernation mode to prevent root rot

- Don't put your plant under direct sunlight

Daily care of Ledebouria crispa:

Light condition:

Full sun to partial shade

How to water:

Allow getting dry between watering

Soil requirements:

Mixed granular soil


Diameter 0.2"-0.4"(0.5-1cm)



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