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Lepisorus thunbergianus (Kaulf.) Ching

Lepisorus thunbergianus (Kaulf.) Ching

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-Lepisorus thunbergianus (Kaulf.) Ching , family polypodiaceae, a kind of Lepisorus, is distributed in China, North Korea, Japan and Philippines.Leaves blade is linear-lanceolate, or narrowly lanceolate. This plant is suitable for embellishment of rockery bonsai or small potted plants, and more suitable for mixed planting with other plants.

Daily care of Lepisorus thunbergianus (Kaulf.) Ching:The root should not be covered with too much soil, otherwise the leaves will break and rot from the joints. In the growing season, spray water at least twice a day to keep the air high humidity. It has certain drought-resistant ability, and the leaves are strongly rolled back in dry season. It can be fixed on snakewood or hardwood for planting, and can also be mixed with other plants of Polypodiaceae or Quercetaceae for hanging planting.

Sunlight Demand: Diffused light
Soil Condition: Coconut husk,Sphagnum Moss,Peat soil
Water Requirement: Keep Wet
Purchase Size: 1.2-3.2'' (3-8 cm)
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