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Leucistic Spanish Ribbed Newt ( Pleurodeles waltl )

Leucistic Spanish Ribbed Newt ( Pleurodeles waltl )

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-When the Leucistic Spanish Ribbed Newt encounters danger, it immediately produces two rows of sword like objects from both sides of its body. It's like its ribs are piercing through its skin. And both rows of swords are poisonous. This toxin is secreted from its body. More effective in combating threats. After the danger, it immediately retracted its ribs. The body has returned to its original state. This way, even if the ribs are broken in battle, they can grow out in a few days.

-Leucistic Spanish Ribbed Newt is a larger species in the salamander family and lives in shallow water and sometimes on damp land.


Adult Size: 11.2-12.8'' (28-32 cm)
Care Level: Medium
Temperature: 50-77°F (10-25°C)
Feeding: Insects or Worms
Dimension: 2-3.2" (5-8cm)
Average life span: 10-15
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