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Little Sea Isopod (Cubaris murina)

Little Sea Isopod (Cubaris murina)

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Cubaris murina is the dark horse of the Cubaris isopods.

Lacking any bright, distinctive markings, it’s perhaps not as flashy or memorable as some of its famous cousins, but these critters are more than just a cute face (which of course, they still have).

In fact, the so-called ‘Little Sea’ isopod brings a lot to the table as one of the best bioactive custodians of its genus. So it’s a natural fit for tropical terrariums/vivariums.

Cubaris murina is a small terrestrial isopod measuring up around just 1.2cm in size.

Sporting a lovely muted grey/purple coloration (with the occasional peach/orange spot at the rear), they certainly have their subtle charms. Their price tag is attractive, too, with the Little Sea Isopod being a mere fraction of the cost of its sought-after cousin, the Rubber Ducky Isopod.

Cubaris murina has two orange dots on her tail that look like taillights, and is usually a blackish brownish-gray color with a slightly frosted texture.

Native to North America, this species is very protein-dependent, making it an excellent cleaner of rainforest tanks.

Adult Size: 0.4 inches (1.2 cm),Sub-Audlt Size:0.5-0.8cm.
Temperature: 50 - 86℉ (10 - 30℃)
Humidity: 60 - 80%
Food: Dead leaves, carrots, c

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