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Murraya Microphylla Bonsai(Murraya microphylla)

Murraya Microphylla Bonsai(Murraya microphylla)

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Murraya is a genus of flowering plants in the citrus family, Rutaceae, and Murraya Microphylla is a perennial bush distributed in southern China. The mini bonsai with small mid-green leaves and a sweety aroma, is perfect for your desk decoration. During spring and summer, clusters of fragrant white flowers that have 4 to 5 sepals blooms to give an energetic yet subtle vibe. Interestingly, some of its leaves are used as spice in food. Murraya Microphylla prefers full sun as it is a tropical plant in nature, and it is happy when receiving morning sunlight and afternoon shade, yet it requires low maintenance. This bonsai is shipped with pots.

Daily Care of Murraya Microphylla:

Sunlight Demand:


Flower Color:




Soil Condition:

Peat Moss

Water Requirement:

Medium Moisture

Purchase Size:

6'' (15 cm)


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