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Oncocephalus pudicus

Oncocephalus pudicus

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- Oncocephalus pudicus ,the body length is 17Mmm, with a narrow body shape. The chest and back plate are black brown, with 2 light vertical stripes. There are 3 black spots on the front wings, with larger upper and lower spots. The second spot is a very small small black spot. Compared with similar species, the black spots on this species are surrounded by white edges.

- Predatory species, inhabiting surface grasses, low shrubs, crevices, and deciduous piles, often feeding on termites, leafhoppers, diptera and lepidoptera larvae, exhibiting phototaxis.

- Caution - These insects can sting and squirt a noxious fluid, painful on contact with eyes. Not for children, but they make an interesting exhibit.

Adult size: About 0.8"(about 2cm)
Temperature: 80-86°F (27-30°C)
Humidity: 40-60%
Feeding: Drosophilas, cockroaches, Insects
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