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Operculicarya pachypus

Operculicarya pachypus

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- Operculicarya pachypus originates from Madagascar, and like most plants from this island has many unique and exotic characteristics. It is a small deciduous pachycaul tree up to 1.2 m tall similar to the much more common Operculicarya decaryi. Compared to O. decaryi, Operculicarya pachypus tends to stay more compact with the trunk growing in a conical shape and looks like an odd bonsai tree. Another distinguishing factor is that the Operculicarya pachypus branches are glabrous, zig-zagged and its roots often swell to form unique contorted and twisted designs. The leaves are also very tiny, which work proportionally for that "bonsai" look. It has yellow-green flowers and slightly different coloured branches... but otherwise hard to tell from O. decaryi also from Madagascar. It is much less common than O. decaryi in the wild.

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